Famous People of the 21st Century – A Dialog

Elon Musk Barack Obama

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Have you heard about them, Barack?

Yes, Elon, I have. I think it’s important for new businesses to have access to top law firms to ensure they comply with all legal requirements.

Speaking of legal compliance, do you know the 4-H requirements? They’re quite specific for certain activities.

Yes, I’ve read about them. It’s essential for young people interested in agriculture and animal husbandry to understand these requirements.

Did you know that the highest legal alcohol percentage varies by country?

That’s interesting, Elon. I’m aware of the legal drinking age in Canada, but I didn’t realize the alcohol percentage had different limits as well.

Have you ever had to report a business to the Better Business Bureau, Barack?

Thankfully, I haven’t encountered that situation, Elon. But it’s important for consumers to have a clear process for reporting businesses engaging in unethical practices.

Lastly, have you utilized the PPP loan calculator for independent contractors? It can be quite useful for those in need of financial assistance.

No, I haven’t personally used it, Elon. However, it’s good to know that such resources are available for independent workers during challenging times.